Business Begins with Maps!!

Mapline Informatics specializes in GIS programming and creating solutions for Business Mapping. Our domain expertize lies in creating user-friendly Dashboards that encompass intertwining of geoSpatial and geoInformatics.
Quick getaways:

-for GIS Services (SaaS) & Spatial Databases-

Spatial Information System as SaaS (Spatial/Software as a Service) on Cloud :: gis.ELEFANTE® SaaS platform for Spatial Analytics.
-for Maps, Charts, Packaging & Office Products-

Spatial Information System as PRINTED MAPS :: mapWINGS® Geographical maps, paper published digital maps & cartographic maps.

With the help of Maps, web APIs (e.g. Google Maps, Open Layers and more) and open source GIS software libraries, Mapline has developed hybrid (desktop and mobile) & web driven Business Analysis and Demographic Profiling tools.

Location awareness

Here are 12 ways GIS Data and Dashboards can be used in Business and everyday life:

  • Business Mapping & Map driven Executive Dashboards
  • Network Services, FMCG, Pharmaceuticals, Rural Marketing
  • Urban Planning, Accident Analysis, Transportation Planning
  • Environment Study, Impact Analysis
  • Agricultural Applications
  • Disaster Management, Flood Mapping/Management
  • Banking & Taxation
  • Surveying & Geology
  • Asset Management
  • Irrigation & Pest Control
  • Local Governance management, Assets tracking
  • Hydrology Information Systems

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